Same day passport processing is not available at this time

UK Passport Renewal

Who is eligible
Natural born or naturalised citizens of the United Kingdom who at the discretion of the Her Majesty's Passport Office (HMPO) are:
sixteen years old or older at issuance, whose passport is less than fifteen years old, have not had a name change, or who have proof of a name change.
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7 Days
Same Day

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  • 1. Documents
  • 2. Shipping

Gathering the necessary documents to Renew Your Passport

APlace order for Passport Renewal
Pick up a Passport Application form at a local participating Post Office branch, fill out the application and send it in with your documents and photos.
Countersignature is REQUIRED - Countersignature must be completed when the application form is signed by the applicant. The date the applicant signs the form must be equal to or older than the countersignature date.
BTwo (2) passport photos
2 Identical colour Passport Size Photos (Photo need to be taken within the past 6 months) only one will need to be countersigned.
Also, please feel free to send two countersigned photos as a precautionary measure for any damage / resubmission needs.
CLetter of Authorization 
Authorization letter for passport collection (must have original signature). Please leave the collection person line blank.
DOriginal passport to be renewed
Old (most recently issued) undamaged passport

Please note: The Passport Office reserves the right to ask for more documentation at any time in order to process your application. Failure to provide the required documents can either cause a delay or a rejection, so please provide documentation to the best of your ability.

Shipping the documents to VisaHQ Passport Renewal

Make sure that the following documents are included:

1. Signed and dated Application Form for Passport Renewal
2. Original passport to be renewed
3. Two (2) Passport Photos
4. Letter of Authorization

Please use delivery services the offer a tracking number such as
Royal Mail, DHL, or other Courier company.
Mail the documents to: VisaHQUK Passport Services
24 Tufton Street
London, SW1P 3RB

Other passport services

  • Second UK passport
    Natural born or naturalised citizens of the United Kingdom who at the discretion of the Her Majesty's Passport Office (HMPO) are:
    A business traveler that needs to visit countries that are in conflict or do not permit entry with certain stamps (e.g. Israel and Iran/Lebanon/Syria/Iraq).
    A frequent business traveler that needs to obtain a new visa issued for a country that holds a passport for extended processing times which would impede other international travel.