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Secure online application saves time and checks for errors
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No need to stand in line at the consulate, we will do it for you
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Real time status updates will keep you informed
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Choose a visa type
  • Tourist eVisa
  • Business eVisa
  • Cruise Visa
  • Student Visa
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Choose a visa type
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Frequently Asked Questions about Turkey visa
  • Do I need to enter Turkey on the exact date specified in my application?
    No. The validity period of your eVisa begins from the date specified in your application. You can enter Turkey on any date within this period.
  • How long before my travel date should I apply for eVisa?
    You can apply for your e-Visa any time before your travel. However, you are advised to create an e-Visa application at least 48 hours before your departure.
  • I do not want to apply for an eVisa. Can I get a visa on arrival?
    Yes. If you are a citizen of one of the countries listed below and you meet the required criteria, you can obtain a visa on arrival. Kindly visit the Ministry's website (www.mfa.gov.tr) to learn more about these requirements.

    Antigua and Barbuda
    Dominican Republic
    Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus
    Hong Kong
    Saint Lucia
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    United Kingdom
  • Why must a round-trip ticket be booked with specific airlines (Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Onur Air or Atlasglobal Airlines)?
    It does not need to unless be booked with a specific airline unless you are of a certain nationality. If this is requested of your nationality this will appear on the checklist of documents when applying online.
  • Why do I need to send scanned copies of documents for e-visa, if I already have US Permanent Resident Card or UK Permanent Resident Card?
    No documents are required to process a Turkish eVisa. Any scans requested are to verify information for processing only. If you do not want to provide scans we can process your visa without them but if any information was incorrectly entered your visa may not be usable
  • How long must my passport be valid for a trip?
    We recommend your passport be valid for 6 months past your travel dates to ensure you do not have any issues.
  • How long is a Turkey visa valid for?
    Turkish eVisas are valid for 6 months after your intended date of entry as listed on the application
  • How long does it take to get a visa to Turkey?
    Most Turkish eVisas are processed same day. If any information is missing from your order there will be a delay while our team reaches out to you to secure this information
  • What is an electronic visa?
    Electronic visas (known as eVisas) are digital versions of standard travel visas. The benefit is that the process is handled entirely online without the need to submit your passport to a consulate for processing. When an electronic visa is issued it is e-mailed to you instead of printed into your passport. We recommend you bring a printed copy of the issued eVisa along with your passport when traveling.
Turkey Embassy list in London
  • Turkey Embassy in London
    SW1X 8PA
    United Kingdom
  • Turkey Consulate in London
    SW7 1BW
    United Kingdom
Turkey Customs
  • Import Regulations
    • Tobacco products (for travellers aged 18 and over): 200 cigarettes and 5 cigarillos (not exceeding 3g each) and 10 cigars and 200 grammes of tobacco (with 200 cigarette papers) or 200 grammes chewing tobacco or 200 grammes of wate-pipe tobacco or 50 grammes of snuff tobacco;
    • Alcoholic beverages (for travellers aged 18 and over): 1 bottle of 1 litre or 2 bottles of 700 ml./750ml. of wine and/or spirits;
    • Perfume 5 bottles of perfume (max. 120 ml. each);
    • Gifts up to the value of EUR 300. (EUR 145. for those aged under 15);
    • Food 1kg of coffee; 1kg of instant coffee; 500g of tea; 1kg of chocolate; 1kg food made of sugar;
    • Medications for personal use.
    • Pets Cats and dogs require a good health certificate. Pets may enter as passenger's checked baggage, in the cabin or as cargo.
    • Firearms and military ammunitions
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Drugs
    • Meat and dairy products
    • Radioactive substances
  • Export Regulations
    • Tobacco products Two kgs/3 cartons of local tobacco products
    • Alcoholic beverages 5 kgs of alcoholic beverages/12 bottles of Raki/local drinks
    • Food foodstuffs up to a total value of TRY 100, each commodity not to exceed 5 kgs;
    • Gift articles up to a value of TRY 5,000. If more is exported, proof is required that foreign currency has been exchanged to the amount in excess of TRY 5,000.
    • Souvenirs The export of souvenirs such as carpets is subject to customs regulations regarding age and value.
    • Antiques
    • Grain products
    • Tea
    • Cacao
    • Coffee
    • Spices
  • Health and Security
    Basic health information for travelers to Turkey
    • A hot and arid environment, any travellers suffering from respiratory problems should bring along any additional required medicine which could be hard to obtain inside the country and should stay in cool sheltered environments wherever possible. Plenty of bottled water and sunscreen are also recommended if travelling during the hot summer months for protection.
    • Outbreaks of diarrhoeal illness occur in Turkey. Travellers to Turkey should practice strict food and water hygiene precautions.
    • All travellers should seek medical advice before travelling to the country and ensure that all appropriate vaccinations are up to date.
    Basic security information for travelers to Turkey
    • There is a high threat from terrorism in Turkey and a number of terrorist groups remain active in the country. Statements have been made in the press indicating that attacks could take place against tourists or places used by foreigners.
    • Street robbery and pickpocketing are common in the major tourist areas of Istanbul. You should be wary of approaches from strangers offering to change money or offering food and drink, which may be drugged, or offering to take you to a restaurant or nightclub.
    • Smoking on all forms of public transport (trains, ferries and taxis) and in outdoor venues (including stadiums, playgrounds, cafes, bars, and restaurants) is banned which risks being fined if you are caught smoking in a designated smoke-free area.
    • The possession, sale and exportation of antiquities is against the law, as is the use of metal detectors.
    • Dress modestly if visiting a mosque or a religious shrine. It is illegal not to carry some form of photographic ID in Turkey. It is therefore advisable to carry a photocopy of passport at all times.
    • Do not take photographs near military or official installations. Travellers should seek permission before photographing individuals.
    • Homosexuality is not illegal but is not widely tolerated: public displays of affection could result in prosecution for public order offences.
  • Contact Customs Authorities
    For further assistance please contact the Turkish Customs authorities directly. They will provide the latest information about customs regulations and export-import procedures.

    Turkish Customs contact information
    Maslak Ayazağa mah. Dereboyu sok.
    Sun Plaza Kat 13, No: 25, Şişli
    İstanbul, Türkiye
    +90 212 366 02 45

    For additional information about travel restrictions, security warnings, political updates, and basic travel guidelines, please contact the nearest Turkish Embassy.
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  • Business eVisa
  • Cruise Visa
  • Student Visa
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