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I have been anxious because I sent my application at the very last minute.
But fortunately I received my passport and visa on time without any problem. Mr Alex Suchkov was so available every time I called, thank you!
Wistiti 11.20.2013
I recently used Visa HQ to obtain a visa to Belarus. As I live in Sweden there is no Belarus visa centre or Consulate over here and the cost to obtain a visa at Minsk airport for a British citizen is pretty darn expensive, so I therefore chose to go through this company as my only other option. I was quite nervous about posting my passport and the relevant documents incase they became misplaced or there was a problem with my application which would subsequently delay the process. I had a range of initial concerns and queries before I 100% decided to use Visa HQ, but the online Customer Service team answered all of my questions incredibly swiftly and put my mind at ease.

The online application was very easy to complete, and after posting all of the documents I received an email two days later to say that everything had been received and the application process would begin. At every stage of the application I was kept upto date via email, and although I had no problems with my application I knew that I would have been informed should there have been. I really appreciated this service as I hate not knowing what's going on, and as this was a new experience for me with using this sort of service it really helped to put my mind at ease. Once my visa had been completed I was once again updated, and I received a text message that same day from DHL to say that they would be delivering a package the following day.

Overall, I found the whole process fantastic. I was constantly kept upto date on the application process, I encountered no problems, and I received my visa within the time frame that I was informed of. I will definitely use this service again in the future as and when I need to, and I would 100% recommend to anyone. In this day and age I think it's rare to find a company who provides a good service and good customer service, but Visa HQ does just that!
Guest 11.19.2013
After several successful and painless visa applications I think that you have earned a review from me.

I live outside London, so getting a visa - which I have to do quite frequently - is likely to cost me time and money, both of which are in short supply. I have been using Visa HQ for a few years now, and have found that they are cost effective, efficient and speed up the whole process. They are the first ones I turn to when I have to get yet another business visa. I have no hesitation in recommending them.
Mr Hill 10.15.2013
If you have an urgent visa request and you need it done right the first time, without undue hassles, I would strongly suggest you go with visahq. I'm super cheap and try to save money anywhere I can, but have been converted from the hippie idea of having some distant relative or acquaintance do this complex procedure abroad for me as a special favour during their lunch break to just having the pros do it.
Mr. Taylor 07.26.2013
Have to say this was well worth money. I posted passport on Tues and I had it back by Sat with Visa done. Excellent cutomer communication all the way thru process. Would recommend to any traveller.
Mr Hinkley 07.17.2013